Kerala Mookambika Sree Mulavallikav Devi Temple

Kerala Mookambika Sree Mulavallikav Devi Temple is considered as one of the most important devi temples among the 108 durga temples (77th) believed to have been consecrated by the legendary warrior Parasurama who is also credited with creating the state of kerala.  Kerala Mookambika Temple is also known as The Saraswathi Temple and is one of the important temples of dedicated to Goddess Saraswathy.

The presiding deity is bhagavathy and is worshipped in Three different forms Durga, Saraswathi and Lakshmi Goddess Durga is the main deity of this centuries this temple. The  devi is here in her with sankha, chakra, gadha and padmam. Mulavallikav devi is believed to be “Sarvabeeshtapradhayini” (one who grants all wishes). Pilgrims who prays with sincerely and with utmost devotion will be blessed with health, wealth and all.  Mulavallikav Devi is unique among the Hindu gods and goddesses as she embodies the powers of Mahalaxmi, Saraswathi and Mahakali  merged into one as Adiparashakthi.  Soyambu Linga (self manifested phallus) of Mulavallikav Temple represents both Purusha (male) and Sakthi (female). Mulavallikav Devi Temple is one of the most hallowed shrines for hindus in kerala.  It is one of the holiest Siddhi Temple (abode of mystic powers) of the kerala today. Mulavallikav devi is an embodiment of all divine powers. So she can be worshiped in any form. 

Mulavallikavu Devi as Saraswathty is patron Goddess of education and fine arts. Mulavallikav devi can be propitiated for progress in education and accomplishment in fine arts. Also Mulavallikav Devi as Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. So Devi can be worshiped for progress in business and profession.

The Mulavallikav Devi Temple known as Mulavallikav Saraswathi Temple and also known as "Kerala Mookambika Shetram" (Kerala mookambika Temple) because of whatever  mulavallikav devi pooja vidhi all are same in kolloor mookambika devi temple. 

Koratty is a village of about 10 square kilometers in area at the western side of sahiya parvatham , South Angamaly West  Iranikulam and North Chalakudy. The temple situated at koratty padijaremuri (koratty west ) which is the actual heart of koratty , near famous Koratty Shithikandapuram Mahadeva Temple.  And also one of the Vishu Temple Thirunarayanapuram Vishnu  Temple.  It is 5 km away from national highway Koratty and infopark and 2 km from national highway Pongam.

Pooja Conducted : Sunday's Only:

Kerala Mookambika Sree Mulavallikav Devi Temple
Near NUP School, Behind NSS Karayogam Hall,
West Koratty, P.O.Mambra,Trichur, Kerala-680308